3 Piece Pet Hair Remover Cleaning Brush

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Reusable pet hair remover brush with self-cleaning case for any surface which may collect hair! Perfect for sofas, rugs and clothing. Double-sided ultra-large cotton velvet brush can increase the speed of cleaning to remove pet hair from any surface within your home! The Fur wizard Cotton Velvet Remover includes a self cleaning case which will collect all of the hair from the brush within seconds! No need for supplements - unlike other cotton velvet rollers for pet hair, there is no tape and no confusion! The pet hair removing wand can gently remove pet fur from any surface, it will not harm your clothes and furniture. The soft, easy-to-grip handle makes pet hair easy and satisfying.

Self-cleaning - simply dip the fur filled brush into the included case, and when you remove it, you will have a clean brush for ready for more cleaning, which can save on the cost of traditional disposable velvet and tape products. The travel sized cotton velvet remover can be stored in your bag or car or cleaning cupboard for easy and convenient use. The compact size has the same functionality as a standard size hair remover therefore perfect for removing any other fur, cotton or fluff from and fabrication surface in your home!